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Training for officers officers to use body worn cameras and

  • Avoid litigation from improper data usage

  • Decrease escalations

  • Correctly follow public records law

  • Confidently adhere to privacy policies

  • Reduce case processing times

Officer Training

Make Certain Officers Have Video Available When It Counts.

BWC Usage Policy Training Can Save An Officer's Livelihood...


Body Camera Footage

Discredits Allegations Against State Trooper

A Texas woman falsely accused a state trooper of sexually assaulting her during a traffic stop is the latest of several in the last two years in which video footage was critical to clearing a police officer of alleged wrongdoing.

In this latest case, the woman, Sherita Dixon-Cole, had alleged that Officer Daniel Hubbard made sexual advances after she failed a field sobriety test. She went on to accuse Hubbard of assaulting her in his police car, and continuing to make advances, promising he'd release her from custody, on the drive to the police station.

But two hours of body cam footage discredited the allegations,

prompting Dixon-Cole’s attorney to call his client’s fabrication “appalling.”

Offending Citizens Can Resort To Allegations Against Officers And Bending The Truth...

Fortunately, there’s a solution …


Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy and Process for Beginners

My new online video course, Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy, and Process for Beginners, is designed to help you take advantage of body-worn camera technology for law enforcement. 

Concise on-demand video lessons.

Taught by a doctor of criminology with experience deploying body-worn camera programs in American law enforcement.

This course is truly for beginners through to experts.

Taking the learner through:

  • The basics of body-worn cameras

  • Privacy and accountability policy

  • Public records law as it relates to BWCs

  • Balanced pros and cons analysis

  • Reviews of popular BWC models

  • PLUS extensive FAQs…

…any officer will be better prepared to use this vital technology after completing this course

This course is powerful.

The modules are shaped by real experience.

3,000+ officers and staff of two major Chicago enforcement organizations have used the contents of this course.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Dr Jennifer Matthews.

I have the credentials. A PHD in Criminal Justice, a Master of Law Enforcement Administration and a Bachelor of Criminal Justice. 

I have a published dissertation titled "Body-Worn Camera Use and Citizen Behavior During Police-Citizen Encounters'' published through Walden University. So I know a thing or two about implementing body worn cameras into law enforcement agencies. 

The thing I've learned from implementing and direct analysis of BWC use in over 720+ sworn staff members is that training is essential. 

Correct understanding of basic use, tactical knowledge, of the privacy policy framework and practical tools for control of records are the pillars of safely implementing body worn cameras into an agency. I'm not exaggerating. 

That knowledge  given systematically to officers can mean the difference between smooth running and a public relations nightmare. 

That's why I've condensed my scholastic and practical experience into a concise course that can be viewed by a single person or an entire precinct in their own time online. 

I know this will be a game changer for any officer that absorbs it.

At this point I can imagine what some of you might be thinking...

This Won't Work For Me Because I Don't Have Officer Support

A survey of officers conducted by the Vacaville (California) Police Department found that including officers in the implementation process—and allowing them to provide meaningful input—generated support for the cameras. 

And using a course like this one to quickly educate all officers in a program uniformly is a better way to get everyone on the same page and ready to give that useful input.

No matter what the current level of  knowledge on body worn camera use is, this course will set you up for success. 

Faster than forced reading of textbooks. 

Easier than organizing in-person seminar days.

Better than a biased course from a camera manufacturer.


It's true… Using body-worn cameras demands yet more learning on the part of the officers but… this course uses a no-nonsense…straight to the point format… that delivers understanding and better process. 

The link between law and policy and tactical action is made clear. 

And with all the best practice knowledge onboard Officers can feel included and part of any implementation.

But what if you’ve already got all the officer support you need?

Instead, maybe you’re concerned about the quality and ongoing usefulness of any training you need to provide because you’re thinking …

Officers Tell Me Training Is Inconvenient

Body Worn Cameras - Analyzing Law, Policy and Process for Beginners, consists of more than 10 sections.

The sections are divided by subject, so if you want to learn about "The Four P's of Body Worn Cameras", you can go directly to that video.

If you want to learn how to place, turn on and off the camera according to policy, analyze and store the data then jump straight to that section. And so on...

As a result, it's very easy to find exactly what you're looking for in the course.

Making the course ideal for not only a one-off training but a fast refresher that can be skipped to any one of the short videos, each on the exact function an officer needs a memory jog on any particular day.

You'll also love this course because it's not packed with "fluff".

Instead, you'll get short, sharp, actionable bites of only the relevant information. Delivered by Jennifer Matthews, a PHD and experienced expert in body worn camera use. She kept it concise with no individual video over 6 minutes in length throughout the entire course.

Ideal for self paced learning and quick reference later on.

You'll be getting a comprehensive introduction to body worn camera usage, covering:

What are BWCs

Privacy and Accountability

The Four P's of BWCs

Public Records Law

Pros & Cons of BWCs

Situational Based FAQs

Basically this course is the most accessible resource on Body Worn Camera use ---

Jennifer has packed it full of useful information, putting everything you need to know in simple easy to understand lessons.

just some of what you’ll learn in

Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy and Process for Beginners

  • The limitations of Body Worn Cameras

  • How to head off potential problems

  • Agency policy and how it must apply to BWC use

  • How BWC are different from dash cams

  • How to document recorded data

  • How to use BWCs to get early guilty pleas

  • Privacy policy and BWC usage for officers

  • How the public record release process works

  • And much, much more useful tips!

Bottom line, if you are a law enforcement agency under pressure to implement a BWC program,

this course meets the training needs of any size agency ensuring to cover-off policy and deployment strategies.

And if your goal is to fully protect yourself in your use of body worn cameras as a law enforcement professional,

you'll learn how to act during a critical event,

understand your rights and gain a practical basis to control the collected data.

But that’s hardly the only thing that makes Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy and Process for Beginners a stand-out.

You’ll also love this video course for its:

  • Accessible bite size videos

  • Practical content

  • Real world experience based implementation lessons and

  • Unflinching coverage of the pros and cons of BWC usage

  • PLUS, the video course comes with backup article PDFs, so you can solidify your learning or reference a hard copy.

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Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy and Process for Beginners

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This course was created by me, Dr Jennifer Matthews. I graduated from Walden University with a PhD in Criminal Justice. My main research areas are Body Worn Cameras and Law Enforcement Technology. I currently implement Body Worn Camera Programs for law enforcement agencies across North America. 

The content in this course has been invaluable to the organizations I help. Especially knowing how to use body worn camera technology to quickly deescalate volatile situations. You'll get all the benefits of professional training for yourself or your force without having to schedule in-person days.

Agencies normally pay tens or thousands of dollars to bring in experts for group training sessions. This course means you'll have the same quality training at the cost. Your getting the benefit of me having heard the questions and feedback of over 3,000 officers and staff on this training. All that experience is incorporated in this course.

In the structure, the concentration on actionable knowledge and the comprehensive situational application questions covered.

So, bottom line, a lot of time and money went into creating Body Worn Cameras - Law, Policy and Process for Beginners.

But, I’m making it available to you for just $99 today, because I’d like to get it in as many hands as possible.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try  Body Worn Cameras for Beginners.

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Jennifer has used her direct delivery style to simplify and break down to principles the history, and structure of the criminal justice system.

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Dr Jennifer Matthews

Author, Body Worn Cameras: Analyzing Law, Policy and Process for Beginners.